I was meeting with a friend of mine yesterday who is a Windows guy.  I hesistate to call him "fan boy" because Windows doesn't necessarily have fans, just people who don't use Macs.  We started to get into a bit of a "discussion" about Macs vs. Windows.  Coincidentally, he resembles John Hodgman and I, of course, resemble Justin Long.  It made me think that the interwebs needed yet another list of reasons that Macs rule. 

1. You don't have to worry about going to the Geek Squad to get your laptop fixed.  Let's face it: the Genius Bar rules.  You make an appointment, show up on time, and they fix your computer.  At a Best Buy you wait in line (potentially for hours) just for the privelege of talking to a high school student whose lack of hygiene says that he was probably rejected by Taco Bell before coming here.  Which do you prefer?

2. You get to say stuff like: "I dunno why your screen just turned all blue.  My Mac never does that."  For years now I've had friends and family who've come to me for computer help.  Now that I'm not in that world anymore it's easy to constantly remind them why I switched.

3. You'll get more of your money back.  You ever shop for a used MacBook?  You're probably not gonna' get one for cheap.  That means that if you ever want to upgrade to the latest and greatest MacBook you'll easily be able to make a majority of your money back by selling your slightly older version.  Try that with a Dell.

4. You can pretend that you're on 24.  Whenever you see Jack Bauer's nemesis trying to hack into the most secretest secret government websites you know it's gonna' be on a PC.  The good guys, however, always beat 'em with a Mac. 

5. It's fun to watch new users dumbfounded by the Mac's simplicty.  I've helped a few people switched to a Mac recently.  When they first sit down they start looking for the "Start" menu.  Showing them the Finder, and then installing Quicksilver, puts a smile on any face.  Also, fun: teaching them to drag and drop an application into the Trash Bin to uninstall.  Usually, you get a: "That's it?".

6. You get to join a cult.  Mac users aren't just computer users.  They are cultists, pure and simple.  Once you switch you understand why.  With a Windows machine it's a necessary evil while a Mac makes all of your dreams come true.

7. Chicks dig 'em.  Having a brand new MacBook Pro or iPhone is a lot like bringing a baby to a mall.  Everytime you show up with one the ladies flock.  Women know fashion and a Mac is the perfect compliment to any ensemble.

Are you a Mac cultist?  Feel free to add reasons why in the comments.