Web Design

Website design seems overwhelming.  A lot of people are reluctant to start the process because they're intimidated by the costs, the work involved, and just jumping into something they don't know much about.  Well, with Clearspace Creative it's easy.  When we design a site we're used to working with people who would really rather deal with their own business than the world of the web.  They often want to know, right from the get-go, what it takes to get a website designed and built.  So, here's the process we go through: 

1. Initial Client Meeting

During the initial client meeting we really want to get to know the client, what their specific web design needs are, and the budget involved.  Truthfully, the first initial meeting is all about connecting.  Do the client and the website designer really feel like they can work together on a project?  The majority of the time the answer is: "Yes!", but sometimes the "click" just isn't there.  

2. Follow-Up Questions

After the first meeting, Clearspace Creative generally has a good idea of what the clients' needs are.  The next step is to figure out the specifics.  So, we usually give a follow-up phone interview or email quesionnaire.  This involves questions about colors, typefaces, website scope/size, any comparable websites the client would like us to look at for design comparison, etc.  This is the part of the process where we really do a thorough examination of what the client wants and needs in a website. 

3. Initial Website Design

After we feel like we have a good grasp on what the goals of the client are we start an initial website design.  We will try to incorporate the desires of the client along with good web design standards and modern cultural design.  When we are done we offer a pdf to the client for review. 

4. Website Design Changes

We really pride ourselves on being able to listen to the client and not finishing until YOU are finished.  This is the part of the process where we get initial design feedback and continue to tweak the design until the client is happy.  As soon as we have a good design finalized and the client gives their stamp of approval we move onto the next step. 

5.Website Coding

This is the part where we work our magic behind the scenes of your website, making sure everything works just the way you want it.  We give you all of the bells and whistles that include the ability to: easily edit your site, track who's visiting your site, and perform website search engine optimization. 

6. Content Implementation

Here is where we need your input again.  What do you want your website to say?  Do you have any images that need to be added?  Are there contact forms that should be included?  Just let us know and we'll make sure it's organized properly and looks great! 

7. Site Launch

When you say it's done, it's done.  As soon as the website looks good to you we do one more walk through to make sure everything works.  Then, we switch everything over to your new site and the world can see the true representation of who you are.