Minneapolis E-Commerce Development

Let's face it: in this economy more and more people are looking for deals online.  In fact, you find yourself spending more of your hard earned dollars at places like Amazon, eBay, and Tiger Direct.  You've started to ask yourself, "How can I get into this e-commerce stuff?".  Well, you've come to the right place.  We can help you get your business on the web.  Whether it's selling waterbeds, troll dolls, or golf equipment, we can give you a system that is easy to use and does all of the work for you.  So, how does it work? 

Minnesota E-Commerce

E-commerce is not as difficult to maintain as you would think.  You just input the products, prices, and shipping weight and our software does the rest.  Whenever someone purchases a product an email is sent to you detailing who ordered what and where it should be shipped.  We can even do the work of setting up an online merchant account so that your payments get processed without any unecessary legwork.  Plus, we can do it all with a free program called Ubercart. 

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is the system that we use for all of our e-commerce.  It's a simple tool used on websites like these: homeright.com, cartier.fr, thedoors.com, opensesame.com, curate8.com  and many more. With Drupal Commerce you can add products, automatically calculate shipping, and easily change pricing whenever you like.  And you can do it all without the need of any expensive web development programs or web design skills.